Arizona State Credit Union Experiences Record High Membership Growth In October

PHOENIX - (BUSINESS WIRE) - Arizona State Credit Union, announced in October, the highest membership growth of more than 10 years. Arizona residents, and what they want from financial institutions are taking a stand, and the results since September 2011, 25% lift in new accounts of the credit union. The closer the date of transfer of credit union national bank, plans to continue this effort.

, One of the Arizona Credit Union branch, credit union executives in this double is the only reason for opening a new account is not considered normal growth, 50% of new accounts was shown to be driven by an American bank or debit card fees. Check out also arizona state credit union .

"But due to people's reaction to a major bank to announce the new rates partially spike in the membership, to make the change of life that affect the economy of Arizona local consumers that it appears it is possible that many are ready, "Paul rail, senior vice president of strategy and brand said. "I want people to lower fees, they also want their community to benefit Arizona when you select a local financial institution."

Arizona State Credit Union, living in Arizona, working, owned by members and financial co-operative control. This credit union deposits can go back to the community through home loans for automobiles and higher education. Another advantage of the credit union, including the return of profits to members in lower loan rates and interest rates rise.

This self-sustaining model, allow credit unions to lend 2.27 billion dollars over the past 10 months the state of Arizona. When other lenders cut back, Arizona State Credit Union, through the difficult economic situation, and help local businesses and members have continued financing.

Arizona State Credit Union members, restrictions on the use of debit cards are not subject to the free electronic services. Check out also reward zone credit card best buy make payment. Its membership has also contributed to the support of the Arizona Credit Union for more than 20 organizations to help people in Arizona. Credit union is committed to local communities in Arizona, and thinking, and encourages the idea of buying local.

Arizona State Credit Union for

Arizona State Credit Union is a full service $ 1. See Also army navy fcu.3 billion, is a non-profit financial cooperative with a statewide branch network serving the people of Arizona. See Also tax refund advancement in florida. 128000 Arizonans will turn over credit unions in Arizona for outstanding service and value. Arizona State Credit Union provides a full line of financial products and services at branches in 21 states since its inception in 1951, has grown dramatically. 60 years of excellence and outstanding customer service, the Credit Union is ranked Arizona State won five of the magazine business in Arizona, received the Peter Barron Stark & Associates 4th Award for Workplace Excellence Become a serves. Arizona State Credit Union, headquartered in Phoenix, and we welcome members from companies and individuals in the state. How to reach us at 800.671.1098, visit: .

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