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America First Credit Union Rocks

I was listening to Dave Ramsey Show Dave, podcasts went away yesterday when the Bank of America in general and banks. He then praised his small community banks. America's first credit union - which made me think about it in my bank. Check out also karosusados. com. I've been with them for almost 10 years now. I why I thought it would take time to share some past experiences as love them. This is totally annoying. I'm not getting paid to promote the AFCU. I wanted to give them praise just praise is due. See Also 424.

My first checking account, became the first bank security. Because their office was closest to where I was working, I just chose them. They [OK] I was guessing. I just banks. Then I worked office was moved throughout the city. I moved apartments, I had an office within miles of my apartment, yet it was not too bad. Then, some events occurred as I was due to switch banks.

  1. I got married
  2. First Security Bank was acquired by Wells Fargo
  3. We have moved

Someone had discussion with him at work there has recently raised the fact that switching the bank of America's first credit union online banking services and their love really. It was quite annoying blue. I hated the first security lame attempt at it, it did not seem to be going smoothly transition to Wells Fargo, after hearing recommendations for AFCU, I'm really on my online banking was curious. I was looking around AFCU branch. Since there was actually moved AFCU branch of the supermarket closest to us, we switched.

Their work is the right man. AFCU Web interface, it was so good and clean. They also, Wells Fargo, I had a free online payment charged for the time believe that.

I wanted to share some experiences that AFCU to maintain a list of just a few years my wonderful.

Before I ever listened to Dave Ramsey, I had a car payment. I'm finally a 5-speed Nissan Maxima when it finds what was written on my forehead and feel so bad all stupid. Check out also home foreclosures citizens bank. Bought the car for $ 18K I, Wells Fargo (via Nissan dealers) of 8% loan. I began to decrease as the rate is decided to refinance it through AFCU. I get the rate down to 5% of the area that I think has been paying considerable saving. In addition, after, to make payments is as easy as online banking to transfer my money - it was really easy. The event is September 11, immediately after it occurred, auto loan interest rates continued to decline. Every time they've done, I send a message to the AFCU through online banking portals, I would ask if I can lower the rate. I have to sign them, will post the paper, and I will send it back. No fees. Super Simple! What is it to other banks? ! I was down to 3.9% car loan? (Or it was 2.9%. ... I can not remember) I get a loan through AFCU by that I bought my car note the other two process are satisfied. See Also american.cash network . The process was always quick and painless. (I have now seen the light because I have a debt free, I can say is do not have a car payment feel obligated). ;)

When we move to our second home did not have a branch near our AFCU. In the area in front of us, had four stores in every 5 minutes by car. Shortly after moving, the popular Wal-Mart is cutting, which was rebuilt in the Super Wal-Mart. Check out also paybay online shopping. I sent an email to AFCU, we did not have much of a presence in the region that they really, they are that if you can manage to get a branch of the Wal-Mart is suggested that it be really great . Check out also america first credit union . When I was in my mail has been sent to notify that the answer had been transferred to the power to see what they can do. Sure enough, upon completion of the Wal-Mart had AFCU.

Unfortunately, the AFCU realized immediately how cool everyone, their branches, had crowded into a frightening time I wait in line there. My new employer, they (and another story in itself) has not been as direct deposit, it was old school, I had to do it every other week. I, since they are, because it just creates another branch, as in many of the drive through windows, you've probably noticed the popularity of the AFCU.

When I decided to form an S corporation for all of my side business, I was torn as if banks use. I was really using the AFCU, so they went with Key Bank that I checked, so do your personal business, they did not offer free business checking. They offer free business checking, banks was the closest to my house. See Also bestbuy payment. We have key bank when you move house a third of our, so I knew that providing business checks free now AFCU and looked around again, I'm not close to switch to the beat was.

It is, AFCU seems to keep up with the latest technology trends. They are working with online and mobile banking services for all services I tried. When I started writing my own application of the envelope budgeting (the Inzolo) , I do not Inzolo then import it into my bank was looking for a way to import transactions directly from the transaction file in the download . AFCU has an OFX server, implement them, I can do that is great to be designed to develop and test tools for importing OFX Inzolo. Well, there is a good budget application very well integrated into my bank account.

A few months ago, I attended the launchup event CFOwise Ken Kaufman Partner, you can open an account statement that you have time you need to enter your bank. Now I know that AFCU provides the ability to email them to always check to cash. However, it is more convenient to go through all the drive-through window is not IMHO. But recently AFCU using a scanner to scan the check image and added the ability for depositing them through their online interface. How cool it is! ? The only downside is I can not check this method can leave the business and personal accounts is available on its own. See Also alaska usa credit union . I'm on Twitter about it and was back working on it they will, it hopes to have the ability to deposit business checks immediately. I'm sure they will.

Thanks for all the AFCU. Keep up the great work!

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