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2010 Top Ten Trends In Academic Libraries

Review of current literature
  1. ACRL Research Plan Review Committee

Study of ACRL, component planning committee, the Coordinating Committee study, more extensive scan and create an environment of continuous and dynamic environment for the association to cover the trends in academic libraries, and higher education He is responsible for the update. Check out also ameriadvance phone number . As part of this effort, the Commission has developed a list of the top 10 trends that affect the university library of current and near future. This list has been compiled based on (see the literature that is selected at the end of this article) extensive review of current literature. The committee also has developed an e-mail survey was sent to the members of the 9812 ACRL February 2010. Although the response rate was small (about 5%), has revealed a trend.

Trend will be displayed in alphabetical order.

growth of a collection of academic libraries, is driven by the demand of patrons, contains the new resource type. See Also all americanezloan . Reduction of the budget for electronic access to the inability to maintain a comprehensive collection of financially, has been leading the university library many to shift from the user's preferences, and physical space material, limited Just-in-case "from the" philosophy "just in time". This change, the option of on-demand printing has been improved for systems to share resources desires of patrons distributor of library books some of the major, monographs, new resource type, such as RapidILL such is the time to handle requests for articles that have been facilitated by the patron-driven acquisition program that has been customized from offering a 24-hour turnaround. Information needs of their customers to be determined yet, to meet the implications for future scholarship of the stability of some of the new access method, and the ability of academic libraries, the long-term effects of this change There is. See Also afbank advances . Increasingly, libraries, local collection and get a unique material, if possible, in order to increase the visibility and use of them, have been digitized to provide immediate access to full-text online. Not the source of full text, access to the discovery of sources of information is a major problem for the scholar. One

These materials can include the output of faculty and student academic and / or archives, special collections, of the University. The library also, collect, save, has confirmed the need to provide access to digital data set.

According to the report of OCLC, 2009, the data set, which has been started to be available online for "gathering", the library must still learn how to support discovery. 2 as one of the emerging technologies most likely to Horizon 2010 report, please enter mainstream use in the campus within the next four to five years to identify a visual data analysis tools. Three survey respondents pointed out, the development trend of the collection of additional publishers and publications, including a small share of the collection of impact Google Book Search collection of the library, the monopoly of the content of the results from the integration and the end of the publishing industry The number of growth and development.

budget issues will continue, the library will continue to evolve as a result. I think this is not still want to see anyone, which is one of the actual trend of many higher education institutions. Budget in the face of stagnant or reduced operating and materials of many libraries in 2009-10, in the near future will probably bring additional budget pressures.

According to the Chronicle of Higher Education, the average fund return of college and university in fiscal year 2009 was -18. See Also best buy credit card payment.7%, was the worst since 1974. In addition, only 14.2% of stimulus money set aside, lack of state education budget for the remainder of the 20 states in fiscal 2011 and nothing left to spend federal stimulus dollars for education, national budget percentage of, the proportion of the budget of the university comes from state colleges and spent publicly, spending the state of higher education in the recession worsen the trend by having failed to keep up with inflation and the growth of enrollment, decreased already have been. Even if the economy has improved, recovery is delayed at least two years sales of state is, usually. See Also reward zone credit card best buy make payment. 4 are concerned about the impact of budget pressure of the ability to build a collection, provides access to resources and services, to develop and implement innovative services, the staff survey respondents is to attract, retain .

Change in higher education, librarians do this, you must have a diverse set of skills. Library on the way technological change is not only being used, not only continue to influence, as the nature of the collection, library staff, you will need to expand the portfolio of skills in order to provide service to the user. Academic librarian, you will need a formal ongoing training to continue the occupation. We have a number of potential non-MLS professionals in the university library with the necessary skills to operate in this changing environment is increased. LIS graduate programs and specialized agencies are struggling to challenge for the agency to fund the development of individual librarians and such, to provide new, relevant professional development. Check out also 70 cash for me . Profession will need to consider whether it should be changed or expanded terminal degree required for the in-library.

OCLC's recent report, "academic libraries to ensure that training, to include the experience needed to support the new mode skill, education, research and review of library job descriptions and qualifications of all Seeking to hire "that five to create a change will also be imminent retirement of many library directors. See Also 71. Director / Associate Dean, Are you ready for new role? Middle management may step into the role of high-level management How is? Leadership of both the formal and informal training, mentoring, it is important to a smooth transition. Survey respondents, a wide range of retirement, the fear that the position is eliminated as memory has been lost on the leadership and institutional gaps and individuals to retire. They are also old librarians are concerned that reducing the opportunity for new librarians, retirement has slowed down by it for economic reasons.

demand for accountability and evaluation will increase. Increasingly, university library, you will need to demonstrate the value provided to their customers and institutions. This trend agency, the request from the federal government and state government agencies in order to display the value of the result of university education and student learning outcomes, to certification, employers, parents, taxpayers, resulting in a higher education is part of the accountability movement and extensive.

In the current economic climate, competition for limited funds, we revisit the funding formula for libraries, has intensified with several institutions. Will become increasingly important to demonstrate student learning outcomes grant proposals, student engagement, student recruitment, retention, successful, the impact of the library on faculty research productivity. Several studies, using both qualitative and quantitative data, is in progress to help document the value of the university library, its services and collections. Of particular interest is the value of research projects and university libraries ACRL "value, performance, recovery of academic libraries (the LIB-), of capital investment" The research, funded by a three-year grant, led by researchers at the University of Tennessee, University of Urbana-Champaign and the Association of Research Libraries, University of Illinois there. Of 6

Unique collection of the library. digitization increases the larger share of the resource, you will need. Digitization project, you can create a special collection and use has not been hidden file available to researchers all over the world. See Also aloan with monthly payments . (Association for Information Networked) Clifford Lynch, "special collections. Meets the nexus for technology and content to promote scholarship in a new way abnormal," as said 7

While others have been in total support of institutional funds, many digital projects, has been funded in part by grants from sources such as this mechanism, such as the Mellon Foundation and the Museum and Library Services (IMLS) You. Check out also 466. There are many opportunities for collaborative digitization: a library is a member of the Association of Research Libraries southeast, uncommon helps to explain the intellectual foundation of the American Civil War, has created a digital collection of 5,000 items from the collection share a special You. University of California Digital Library is that for more than 65 institutions to contribute, was using the IMLS funds for projects of local history digital resources in California. See Also banks/credit unions . Storage costs associated with personnel, equipment, and projects for the digital, the library will not be often, if you do not redistribute the financial resources to support these projects. As with other library collections and services, digitization efforts may be affected by stagnation or decrease budget.

Application and explosive growth of mobile devices, to drive the new service. Other handheld devices, drives the demands and expectations of users, smart phone, e-book reader, the iPad. The study of ECAR's 2009 information technology, 51.2 percent of the respondents, found that had owned the handheld devices Internet-ready, 11.8 percent of another, buy one within the next 12 months for students and faculty I plan to. Eight students, course management systems from a handheld device of their mail service, administrative services, and the e-mail that they were using most of their institutions has been shown. 14.8 per cent of respondents, while being shown that they were using the library services, the interface of the mobile phone to the library, and other mobile applications to increase the number of electronic resources, of OPACS by vendors, because it provides a reference service via text messaging, the mobile phone interface, this percentage, to their own digital collections of potential to grow rapidly is high.

Librarians need to consider both the relationship of service to the academic program needs and preferences, the user's account of these institutions to think creatively and to develop a service to users of mobile devices. See Also payday cash advance. 9 of service regardless of the impact of instruction, was selected to provide a library, there will be staffing, training, budget management, marketing, and. Check out also 9561.

become that enhancing collaboration, collaboration activities to expand the role of the library inside and outside the agency will continue to diversify: in cooperation with the faculty to integrate library resources into the curriculum, to explore information literacy education, embedded as a librarian has been written, but in cooperation with the scholars. These data sets, information technology experts to provide access for project notes, to the paper, etc., to develop online tutorials and user-friendly interface to the digital collection of local virtual research environment and in digital repositories collaboration with librarians at other institutions in order to improve the share holding of open source software services to work with students in cooperation with the Student Support Services, to provide integration, and the resources, material purchase, the collection.

HathiTrust, share, 2CUL digital repositories and recent, are two examples of large-scale collaboration. Check out also powered by smf 2.0 american general finance complaints. 10 HathiTrust partnership, the research institutions that share the vision of the collection are held all over the world, share the record of human knowledge, are maintained organization, communications, and. Innovative library called Cornell and Columbia University, cataloging, electronic resources management, collection development collaboration, and the number of faces, such as digital preservation, and 2CUL pool will be integration of a wide range of resources and on the have formed a partnership. The collaboration will embody the service-oriented library, we will maximize the efficient use of resources. Librarians have the use of Google Docs, graffiti, Wiki, other tools to foster collaboration rather than physical proximity and relationships. See Also advanceplus uk .

The library will continue to lead the effort to develop a scholarly communication and intellectual property services. University libraries, have recognized the importance of scholarly communication and intellectual property issues over the years. Recent trends, and options for open-access publishing rights of the copyright owner, in order to educate faculty and students, shows a tendency to actively strive to recruit the contents of the (IRS) institutional repository. Project manager of digital repositories, "and a lack of understanding of copyright, the problem of copyright compliance," the scholars reported that 11 for the spread, and did not understand "a lot of them, with the publication or their will work. "Could not get, or remember the contract was signed with the publishers of 12 interest to these problems is shown by an increase in membership SPARC. North American research and academic libraries more than 200, belongs to the SPARC. About the same number, joined the Open Access Week in 2009. 13

Provides a natural entree of conversation on the issue of scholarly communication for the contents of the recruitment of IR. This also demonstrates the need for a library to provide user training and guidance on copyright law, especially if the use is not covered by the exception of fair use, permission to use copyrighted material in one piece You need to be retrieved. The library supports the academic needs to provide high value-added communications services in a variety of ways. Some libraries, has created the position of librarian or officer copyright of scholarly communication. Check out also ameriloan credit . Have adopted a distributed approach and many more. University of Minnesota, for example, in the description of the position of all of that liaison librarians will contain the responsibility of scholarly communication. Check out also advanceplus co uk .

Use of open source products have grown, of course the creation of digital collections that were created more locally, and the increasing complexity of licensing issues, the tendency of others, including litigation, including the use of the material of the course management system preparation and electronic , provides intellectual property services with high added value to reinforce the need for university libraries.

will continue to change the necessary skills and technology services. Virtual reality software cloud computing, augmented reality, discovery tools, open content, open source, new social networking tools is the most important part of the technological changes that affect the university library. As well as mobile applications, these developments will affect the operation of the library of nearly all. In an exciting development of one is, Web-scale cooperative new OCLC to provide a single interface to multiple resources using the index consolidated centralized faster than Federated search, promise better search results detection tools and library management service.

Social networking tools, you can go to the library where the user, check the problem on to decide whether to use a lot of resources, and tools for how librarians Many concentrate , how to evaluate the effectiveness. Librarians also will be monitoring the success of open source integrated library system software and RDA. Resource description and access standards.

definition of the physical library space reuse, the virtual space has been expanded will be changed. To provide access to more resources than most university libraries so far. Library, but they have withdrawn access to the online archive permanent, the execution of a journal article to move the less frequently used or shared off-site storage facilities and / or in the library of the many number of items of physical, provides a space for collaborative work with individual students to free up space which are reused in this way, has declined. Check out also unsecured line of credit bank of america. Library, to reduce the space in the facility library to a virtual space to expand its collection, has been changed repurpose it for student use. The concept of "library as place" is important for students, researchers, yet for many teachers. See Also mobile homes in ga to buy with owner financing. Some libraries, in order to provide academic support multiple services in one convenient location, guidance lighting, Media Center has been added.

That continues to be a challenge to find a balance to provide all customers. These changes between the statistics of online reference information has increased, face-to-face reference desk statistics are coming at the same time as it has decreased in many university libraries. In some instances, this is tied to the growth of online courses and distance provided by the agency, in others, it may be due to the convenience and preference of the user simply: "It is, regardless of convenience needs of context information they age and experience, or academic is clear, and speed is important for users. See Also baton rouge credit inc . ", which is a key selection of tools and resources to discover fourteen

Librarians, has expanded the library's virtual presence of auxiliary social networking site and online course management system, online tutorials and other instruction, vibrant In addition, through involvement in the creation of interactive Web site. In order to support the mission of teaching and instruction of the university campus administrator, presents a continuing challenge how to convey the value of the complementary nature of the physical and online services.

The Committee considered, there was a trend that many other did not rise to this level yet. Sustainability, in particular, the Committee is a growing trend that is included in the next few years probably was a problem this is displayed as a list. Check out also at t credit card application .

The committee welcomes comments and feedback on the trend. Virtual session, as part of the virtual meeting annual ALA, will be held on July 7, to allow for a more detailed discussion of this report.

  • Members of the committee planning and research of ACRL: Rinshiripini Connaway, the study of OCLC, is a senior research scientist at the e-mail: lynn_connaway oclc.org {a}, the calendar will cleaning, and grant / foundation of the University of Michigan Service officers are librarian of research, e-mail:; umich.edu kdown Yunfei DU {a} University assistant professor of information, the University of North Texas, is the e-mail. unt.edu ydu {a}, Donna Goda, language, U.S. Naval Academy, by e-mail and foreign bibliography is a reference for international research: usna.edu {at} Aida, Mildred L. Jackson is associate dean for collection at the University of Alabama, e-mail: Head mljackson ua.edu {a}, Ryan Johnson, chair of information is the delivery service and outreach University of Mississippi, by e-mail . olemiss.edu rjohnson {a}, S Janice Lewis, deputy director of East Carolina University, is the e-mail. lewisja ecu.edu {a}. Salisbury Lutishoor is head of chemistry and biochemistry, University of Arkansas Library, by e-mail. lsalisbu uark.edu {a}

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