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EZCORP global strategic alliance with Cash Converters

Austin, Texas, / co / PRN = March 21, 2011 - EZCORP, Inc. (Nasdaq: EZPW) has developed a portfolio of innovative financial services, Cash Converters International a global strategic alliance to introduce today announced an agreement between the limited "Cash Converters" under the brand. As part of the strategic alliance, EZCORP is $ 0. Check out also american payday loans .91 per share price of AUS (approximately U.S. 6950 million dollars in aggregate) approximately 7660 ten thousand shares of shareholders for cash converters, the proposed converter can be obtained from existing cash The. Ownership of these shares, in combination with the existing ownership of the shares of EZCORP 1.244 one hundred million in cash converter will give you control of approximately 53% of EZCORP. Check out also bbb approved personal loans . Completion of the proposed transaction, including the acquisition of additional shares, as well as the Supreme Court of Western Australia and the approval by shareholders of Cash Converters, and is subject to regulatory and other conditions.

(Logo: http://photos.prnewswire.com/prnh/20090713/EZCORPLOGO)

In Cash Converters, the owner and franchiser of retail buying and selling used is. Check out also benefical loans . To identify the franchise and its cash converter, providing a short-term consumer loans are available online and through its branch network. Including franchisees, there are more than 600 stores operating under the Cash Converters brand in 21 countries. Check out also alternative to payday loans . Cash Converters is owned, in the UK, operates 41 stores and 42 stores in Australia, and success in recent years, both in the region are buying back franchisees stores.

Benefits of the Transaction

EZCORP and Cash Converters have identified the following benefits of strategic alliances.

Global rollout of integrated financial services solutions under the brands of Cash Converters, each of the companies acquired by Greenfield and expertise to take advantage of the franchise, the potential for faster growth than in many areas because of the launch existing and new areas of intellectual property and its associated companies access to a suite of products, design, testing, cost and the elimination of duplication of effort and introduction of new products, utilization and completion of the share an operational and marketing expertise, high return on investment in new products and systems and a larger scale.

Paul Rothamel, president and CEO of EZCORP (CEO) said: "Since EZCORP's first investment in about 16 months before the cash converters, cash converters we have ever" been impressed with the business model The. See Also auto loans for repossessions . Cash Converters is a good brand, and it's 21 countries have already recognized in our long-term strategy of being a global provider of integrated financial solutions to our customer demographic goal to accelerate.

Powers device technology, Inc. will receive up to $ 1.5 million.

Powers device technology Co., Ltd. is a, receives a $ 1.5 million to commercialize a PAL

Proceeds will support the commercialization of innovative technologies for the benefit of prematurity.

Jacksonville, FL (PRWEB) March 22, 2011

Powers Device Technology Co., Ltd., a privately held medical device company, today announced it has completed a series of 1.5 million U.S. dollars funding priority. A single institutional investor, Lb are Merchant II, LLLP is an affiliate of Littlebanc Advisors, LLC. Littlebanc Advisors, LLC acted as sole placement agent and financial advisor. This key is also funding, grant research and technology commercialization at the University of Florida Assistant State recently awarded ($ 200,000), Research, and Scholarship Committee (FTRSB.) provide the necessary funds to match

Used to make a profit Pacifier activated lullabies (PAL ) hospital neonatal intensive care unit (NICU. See Also alaska payday loans .) Lullaby of commercial activity pacifier (PAL ) system, FDA, infrared sensor integrated digital music delivery system has been approved, pacifiers, to stimulate a response receiver sucks in preterm and low birth weight infants and. PAL patented technology was developed at Florida State University by Dr. Jayne Standley. FSU faculty since 1976, Dr. Standley, a leader in medical music therapy has been recognized throughout the United States. Her pioneering work in the field of medical music therapy has led to new techniques for treating premature infants.

"This funding partnership with the DT Powers will launch PAL , and feeding in premature infants, will be able to provide innovative technology to help solve global development problems," P. Cass Green labels and their deep and Device Technology Co., Ltd. Powers' president and chief executive (CEO) has said the experience and expertise, we appreciate the interest and financial support from Littlebanc enthusiastic. "

Premature infants are born into this world on many issues. One of them is that it can not be supplied in the mouth before they are 34 weeks of age. Sucking, rhythmic oral movement pattern without it (breathe-suck-swallow.) is a complex operation, including the coordination of many muscle groups to produce a severely impaired ability to grow the food.

"We have activated our pacifier on the market Lullaby (PAL ) are excited to have reached a point where those that can bring," said Dr. Standley said. "After years of research and clinical research in the NICU, we have this device, you know how to teach premature babies to feed quickly and safely. It is the discharge of their homes to promote the development and to promote and save medical costs. This is the preemies in the neonatal intensive care medicine will make a huge difference in the standard. See Also best loans for college students .

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