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Red Tape

By Bob Sullivan

Jose Cruz is also Jonathan Barnett. Ramirez and Jesus. Terrones Pilar, Pilar Sanchez, and many other people Esmeralda Gonzalez, at least, according to the Identity System and the National. Check out also need a 10k loan paid back after 1 year.

Mr. Barnett, you can share your social security number of all people and he unintentionally - and, perhaps more than - and Social Security earnings record of his credit report is completely clean yet. See Also i need a loan shark asap. Apparent contradiction that has a big part of the nightmare of his tragic identity.

Predilection for the management of the Burnett diligent record, it is possible to glimpse rare large defect identification system used by the creditor and employers in the country. It is dependent on the secret of SSNs. However, the number of Barnett is not the most secret, it is a victim, is a fraud that is connected to his identity remains off limits even.

"It's like I have a ghost in there," he said. . "A lot of" ghost

Identity of the canary in the coal mine Barnett was innocent-looking e-mail from Wells Fargo Bank. It provides a hint of savings immediately after he opened an account there, we arrived in August.

E-mail addressed to the person named "Pilar Sanchez" But

He received it and then another, another - Will be sent to your email account from Wells Fargo & Co. Check out also forums about need cash now blog log in register. all of his, addressed to Sanchez.

And live in, work a 27-year-old Barnett near Austin, Texas, called the bank. Operator, he told him to worry about that do not have a typo, and was probably a simple error probably occurred. Check out also need a 10k loan paid back after 1 year. But he knew well.

Over the years, Mr. Barnett had a meaning may have been wrong with the record of his identity is something. However, he is every time you get a statement of his social security and credit report, was "clean" his identity. This time, however, he was determined to reach the bottom of the problem.

And he began to study, was found through a variety of news certain types of identity theft can allow fraudsters to SSNs of the victims "shared" without blemishing their credit reports. He became more aggressive with creditors, he has changed the way we questioned them.

"I am not giving my name, call, they began to make sure whether they had any account under my social security number," he said. "I got if people would not do it, I was just called back. An attempt was made again."

Checking multiple accounts under a single SSN - - from his own creditors to use this method, it "hit" him. See Also payday advance loan. Credit account, he was in the first is found in Lowe's and Home Depot. Emboldened by cold calling, he began, all the major creditors - such as the Verizon issue of mobile phone, a bank such as Bank of America - and ask about his SSN.

He has his identity was discovered that he can think of has been used in almost all creditors.

Said approach "I took, if I did not say it just because they do not help me at all, and I had the account and call, asking them to look it up I have ...., he said it started as it was anywhere by calling the company at random, "I saw my SSN. If he can throw a dart in the company of the United States of all, it was, he would use his SSN to find there. "It is. Was pretty bad"

To make matters worse, none of these claims would not tell him all the details about the accounts further - have raised privacy concerns ironically. Although he knew is used SSN, if it was active, or when you open an account, he did not know who. He was there again to switch strategy.

"I might say they're to provide my SSN to them, and just wait for" OK, are you Jose Cruz? "I want to write. Or maybe you want to say" you are in California? "And I want to write it down," he said.

Began to build the ambiguous image using this survey method, of what happened to him, to fill in., there was many, many spaces

, "He said victim unwilling to cooperate with the shock I what." "It is incomprehensible that I have never know it until now. Check out also i need a loan shark asap."

Mr. Barnett should be placed a fraud alert on his credit report such had already done, such as annual check of his Social Security income statement, all the basics. Again, suffer a major setback. So he began to make a phone call. He called the FBI was told to him in order to submit a report to the local police station. He is called the inspector general of the Ministry of Finance. He said to him, called currency to submit a report online, and Office of the Comptroller. He was said to have submitted something in the computer of the Internet Crime Complaint Center, the fraud, so did not use his name, and was not able to do much. Check out also need a 10k loan paid back after 1 year.

When it speaks to the credit union of his on the system to track individuals who attempt to pass a check bad, the forthcoming results were to look up the SSN of him, he was "hit" the first real him.

He said, "I was happy to talk to me than what was going on ... they think they are."

You must provide a social security number when the workers are undocumented they begin a new job. Often, they provide a SSN has been stolen or invention. Employer because it does not check the accuracy of the numerical often, this technique is effective. SSN particular, when being used successfully to obtain a work permit, it is often shared with other users. Some people go to use it in order to obtain benefits, such as credit cards, loans, and government to use the SSN at work. See Also forums about need cash now blog log in register. Scammers If you are using your name, in these applications, none of the protection of personal information theft usually is not triggered, reporting to consumer credit report of an incorrect standard account - or invented name are not. See Also need a 10k loan paid back after 1 year. Instead, the credit is more than one identity to create something called a "sub-file" to indicate that sometimes that is associated with that SSN. Consumer, there can only be general, sub-file to get information, about yourself, due to their correct name.

It is a common sub-file is unknown how the service ID Analytics ID protection last year, provides insight into this important question. After studying more than one hundred million applications for credit, to it, SSNs 40 million, the made it clear that you have multiple names that are connected to them. Although many of these can be caused by a change in legal name or innocent typographical error, shows the other fraud. See Also i need a loan shark asap. SSN have three or more adults in the United States about 2 million associated with that name, but Stephen Coggeshall, said head of research of ID Analytics. See Also i need a loan shark asap.

Jonathan Barnetts or is out of how many there? It is not rare as you might expect. SSNs of more than 140,000, according to ID Analytics, are associated with five or more people, 27,000 are connected to 10 or more people.

Despite the approval wide range of issues, Barnett For more information about how his identity has been compromised, when you try to get the status of the account These rogue, run to one side wall after another, past has spent four months.

"When I call, the data in the record that you can see it is obviously false. Everyone. I can tell by the tone of the voice (of operations) that they want to tell me more He says you can have, because we want are instructed to avoid them, and they "are reluctant. "I am certain that when called to the office of California state tax has been found. When I ask them, women, said to me" Yes, it was very common. Less common ', they (fake) I was told if I have not received a letter from them and do not worry just another number. Check out also need a 10k loan paid back after 1 year. Was issued just worry me more. "

Burnett, paid in order to get a report that details the guard later became a company called identity, a potential compromise. He first got a sense of depth of the problem.

There were approximately 50 people connected to their own SSN.

"When I saw that list, I really swallow," he said.

Identity guard, says it is to create a database in excess of what consumers get when they get the credit report much, and we use data from a long list of providers. In addition, the records are public documents, such as payday loans or legal license of such dog, and billing applications, is included in the database. The company has been reduced in order to view the details in an interview. Check out also forums about need cash now blog log in register.

"If I had to take a guess, most of this I would say that employment fraud" vice president of information security company said intersection operates Tim Rohrbaugh, the identity and guard. "If you look at the surname, it is to me What is. You will see" Open a credit card SSN such as not paying the bill, because it has not been used for identity theft financial , he said, and compromise, it is not often found in the year.

In the credit industry, but it is not the combination of SSN and the name actually represents a real person, as the creation of "synthetic identity", from time to time, but this refers to, just the entries in the database.

Because they can be repeatedly used many times for it "remained to a very low level, SSN get a job, however. Check out also i need a loan shark asap. ... Or open the utility, it just as a credit-based, can be damaged , "Rohrbaugh said can.

Burnett, a "hit list" as worked his way, the news got worse gradually through the identity guard.

In September, he found one active bank account Chase 2. He both have been closed by the bank because they are closed, AT & T discovered the account of three active, to open an account, the fourth. In October, he Capital One checking account, I found a federal tax return was filed in February by using his SSN to open an account and was tried in the Bank of America.

Perhaps, to the dismay of all, he Verizon account is closed to almost 2002. See Also forums about need cash now blog log in register. He does not have an idea it has been opened. The discovery means that the secret life of his SSN has a long history. Check out also loans for veterans widow .

When he was in college in 2004, Bank of America has sent a debit card and someone else's image on it to him, then he recalled the incident. See Also forums about need cash now blog log in register.

"They just said it was a mistake. I was once naive about it," he said.

Two weeks ago, Mr. Barnett asked for help to contact msnbc.com. found 17 active users in response to a request of his SSN of msnbc. See Also i need a loan shark asap.com, ID Analytics, and ran his information through the database. Again, the privacy rules, ID Analytics, it is to share information directly with the victim is not allowed. However, the company, using the identity theft resource center of non-profit to maintain the confidentiality agreements with the credit card industry, and to share it. Agency that is now, and call a contact in the department of special creditors in a variety of fraud, helping to close the account of the problem.

Non-profit institutions, make sure it is working to help the Barnett, but could not divulge the details about it in his impostor. Resource Center Program Director, said Karen Barney theft, identity information, the agency has since discovered the abuse of the SSN and date back as 1995 as far as Burnet.

He feels that Mr. Barnett as riding on top of some of the abuse of ID when he finally found. I heard from his local police station this week, he also said, in other countries, he was passed along the names of two potential suspects want to discover the local police officials. Read like this are valuable - he is, because it does not continue to abuse the SSN of their own they are, so he might get to the bottom of the problem to the final, hoping that the criminals of the same will be prosecuted that.

However, it is not just the beginning.

"If I had the names and addresses of all the scammers, I can do more," he said. . "- As well as theft of ID, I I have hit the wall with the companies that have the information yet it is I have been puzzled yet to find a place where you can verify that the information has been stolen now that is. feel like a little conflict was a good feeling "

Do you want to share your story as a victim of theft ID? E-mail, or leave in the comments below it BobSullivan@feedback.msnbc.com

His credit report, he was brought up to pay close attention to something that is connected to a Financial Life and his interest rate of credit card of his father Barnett, and was working in finance. Check out also forums about need cash now blog log in register. He has many companies that deal with during the ordeal of his, he assured him that you're not suffering from harm; unpaid is not, for example, have not emerged on the credit report of your own. However, he 's sure that suspicious, and he can be unexpected delays in the application of his mortgage during the year 2010 attributable to the issue of his identity.

Still, after spending several months obsessing over a problem, he has come to terms with it.

"That I did not have to wait a few weeks that I started taking it in stride. I did not let me be retrieved for a while it really," he said. "Now, sometimes, it is like most of the game for me to call one of these companies to get details of them."

To stop the scammers do not know many others have the SSN for yourself how anyone, from using his SSN to the application of the future who can not really. See Also need a 10k loan paid back after 1 year. However, an excellent tool to fight fraud, SSN was stolen useless self-proclaimed scammers will be rendered. See Also need a 10k loan paid back after 1 year.

He said, "I have been working on this problem a lot of people know it sprang question as why you are still in here. And it's possible all".

Hints of RED TAPE Wrestling

Only theft of SSN-ID is particularly troublesome. As in this case it is in most cases, have been discovered by accident. Victim, rather than want to request a change of SSN, you may identity theft resource center is strong, has been recommended for this strategy. Effect dropping the old SSN - The university records, employment history, along with losing the life of the credit history - is more restrictive than the battle with the accounting fraud, Barney says. In addition, the creditors will be quickly lost the potential benefits of change almost always, to link the new and old SSN anyway. Check out also i need a loan shark asap. She said, and only new SSN, that makes sense for very young victims do not have the history of the establishment.

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